Dimitrakopoulos Panos

Let me also introduce myself… I am  Panos Dimitrakopoulos

Panos Dimitrakopoulos

Panos Dimitrakopoulos

I am the politician – engineer of the project Seahorse Dive Center, the “rearguard” group, the one might you see less than the  others, but certainly one that lurks behind every step design of this project.

Having finished the Technical University of Athens,  I well know firsthand what hard work means, yet, in everything I do,  I have learned to put the standards high and  dare ‘to swim in deep water “! Though in reality, instead of swimming in deep waters I prefer swallow waters, that’s why I enjoy so much snorkelling on the surface!  I am a real fan of snorkeling and  in my opinion it is really unbelievable, how many things one can discover in shallow waters only with a mask and a snorkel!

My personal motto is that “the glass is always half full” … and in life we have to look ahead with optimism and hope!