10 Ways You Can Support Seahorse Dive Center

Last year has been a year like no other! Nobody or nothing was prepared for COVID-19! Diving all over the world faced an unpreceded hardship.

At Seahorse Dive Center despite challenges, we remain optimistic, seeing light at the end of the tunnel.The main reason for this is you!!!

We would like to thank you for your support in 2020 and look forward to supporting us in 2021 in order to survive and thrive the pandemic.

We offer you 10 easy ways to do it:  

1. Support our Retail

Now more than ever is a necessity to have your own equipment. Give us a call and ask for anything.

2. Start a Course Online

Are you bored spending endless hours at home? Are you seeking for a real adventure without taking any risk?

Begin your certification from home by enrolling in PADI eLearning now or continue your training choosing the next step.

3. Purchase a Gift Card

With any amount of money we can make a custom gift card for you or a friend, related to any course, Discovery Scuba Experience or a local Fun Dive, which will be valid to use anytime within the next 12 months.

4. Book Boat Dives for later date

Do you know that, apart from national lockdowns, Seahorse Dive Center operates all year round.

Choose now any date you would like to do a boat dive and we guarantee you will have an unforgettable underwater experience with us later.

5. Get your Dive Gear Serviced

Take advantage of dropping off your equipment now that you don’t need it, in order to have it when you need it. Give us a call or send us an email to arrange a pick up.

6. Write a Review

Now that you have ample free time think all the unforgettable diving moments we shared last year and make some time to write a splendid 5-star review on your chosen platform Trip Advisor, Google, Facebook.

Future customers will base their choice on what you think about us or tell about our staff or services.

7. Boost us with a shout out

Since you are happy with our diving team, don’t be shy…share it with family, friends, colleagues. Mouth to mouth advertisement will be a very helpful boost for our dive center. Don’t forget to mention that we are a family business, who we  are committed and passionate to providing unsurpassed customer service.

8. Like & Share

It only takes a second to click that little like button, ‘Likes’ are the quick and easy way to share positive feedback and connect with things you care about on social media.

By liking and sharing our post content it helps promote the Seahorse Dive Center.

9. Comment On Posts

Do you follow our social media? Seahorse Dive Center post’s regular content on Facebook & Instagram, let us know your liking our content by leaving a comment on our posts.

Each new comment helps add content and engage with the dive community. Next time your scrolling through social media why not leave some comments.

10. Tag A Friend

On the ‘shout-out’ note, another way to offer support to Seahorse team is to post your own photo’s. Being sure to tag Seahorse Dive Center and the team involved.

Being in lockdown is a great time to go back through those amazing trip photos and put together some content or re-post those old photos.