5+1 Ways to Dive from Home

The underwater scenery, the dive, the company… nothing can really make up from being away from the water!

As however the ways of entertaining ourselves are rather limited at the moment, our free time usually finds us browsing for something interesting to watch. Let’s thus try to bring the underwater world to our living room: here are some recommendations for movies and documentaries to enjoy several hours underwater right from home! A good chance to also learn more about the marine environment and to share the experience even with friends and family that are not yet divers!

1. Chasing Coral

Enchanting images from the fascinating world of coral. The journey of a scientific team to some of the greatest coral reefs on earth as they attempt to record and showcase the rate of their destruction due to global warming.
(on Netflix)

2. My octopus teacher

A free diver visits a specific diving spot every day for about a year and records the diverse ecosystem and specifically the special bond he forms with an octopus, highlighting the unique intelligence of the animal
(on Netflix)

3. The Undersea world of Jacques Cousteau – The sleeping sharks of Yucatan

For the lovers of classics, a 45-minute video about sharks in Mexico, by the team that made diving popular to a wider audience
(on Youtube in english here)

4. A Plastic Ocean

Impressive footage from the underwater world along with an important message; a documentary about plastic that ends up in the seas.
(on Netflix)

5. Mission Blue

An eye on the life-long struggle of legendary oceanographer and diver Dr. Sylvia Earle to protect the oceans through spectacular images, touching stories and an optimistic view for the future.
(on Netflix)

6. And for those that trully cannot take another day without scuba

This video will make you feel like you are diving.
(For maximum enjoyment, wear your mask and snorkel, close your eyes and sink in your filled bathtub)

Author: Κaterina Kakavitsa