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5+1 Ways to Dive from Home

The underwater scenery, the dive, the company…nothing can really make up from being away from the water! As however the ways of entertaining ourselves are rather limited at the moment […]

What diving taught me for the real life

While we may miss diving to an extreme and wish we could feel again the chilled water against our wetsuits, we may always reminisce about all good things about diving to help […]

FREE PADI Open Water Course Section 1

Τhe Seahorse Dive Center is offering a 100% Free Online Section 1 to the PADI Open Water Course. You can now have an insight to the dive theory before committing or paying […]

Hovering: Νot just an Open Water Diver skill

One thing that always fascinated me, from my very first diving moments, was the seamless, flowy motion of divers. Aren’t we all […]

What is it that you miss the most about diving?

It may be for various different reasons. The strong rush of depth, the thrill of seeing unusual creatures; or the complete opposite, like the liberating feeling of letting go […]

Recreational Rebreathers – Type R

The Poseidon MKVI is the world’s first rebreather for recreational divers. It’s a fully­ closed, fully ­automated unit that will make you see diving in a different light. It has 5 big advantages over […]

10 Ways You Can Support Seahorse Dive Center

We offer you 10 easy ways to support us: 1. Support our Retail 2. Start a Course Online 3. Purchase a Gift Card 4. Book Boat Dives for later date 5. Get your Dive Gear Serviced […]

Stay Safe: Protective Measures in Seahorse against Covid-19

In light of the recent  outbreak  of the new Coronavirus COVID 19, the Seahorse Team suggests you take good care of your health, maintain hygiene and also protect […]