Single Boat Dive


✔️ Meet at the dive center

✔️ 1 dive

✔️ Dive site determined on the dive day

✔️ Small groups

⌛️ 4 – 5 hours duration


☑️ Minimum age 12+

☑️ Minimum certification: (Junior) Open Water certification

Dive with safety, next to experienced instructors.

We are lucky to be diving in the Saronic Gulf, as there is a great variety of dive sites with a countless diversity of marine life and topography to choose from. We have over 30 dive spots to visit. We always base our final choice mostly on weather conditions. 

We keep trying to find the outmost conditions for you regarding winds, currents and visibility. Moreover, our choice of the dive sites is definitely influenced by the divers we have on board and their experience levels. During our daily dive trips we never dive in the same spot unless requested. If you are diving multiple days with us we make sure that we will visit different dive spots.

We are flexible and negotiable upon requests for specific dive spots but still the final choice is captains’ based always on safety! Always we offer a relaxed, enjoyable surface interval during which you get a sip of Greek hospitality!

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Nov 27 2021


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


40.00 €

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