Stay Safe: Protective Measures in Seahorse against Covid-19

In light of the recent  outbreak  of the new Coronavirus COVID 19, the Seahorse Team suggests you take good care of your health, maintain hygiene and also protect others by following simple basic recommendations such as:

  • Wash  your hands often
  • Keep your  social distances
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early
  • Stay informed and follow advice given by your healthcare provider

Till  today  unfortunately, there are no official guidelines, which should be followed in  diving activities, except for suggestions and recommendations from DAN. The only thing that was pointed out by the governmental parties, was that “the mouthpieces and hoses must be sufficiently sterilized, every time a trainee or a user changes.

The Seahorse Team with a high sense of responsibility towards you, has made some fundamental changes!

For the customers:

  • Our staff will use a thermometer to take your temperature.
  • The use of mask and gloves is optional, but is highly recommended for hygiene reasons.
  • You have to clean your hands with antiseptic wipes or liquids
  • There will be a special trash bin for masks and wipes.

For the students and the certified divers:

  • We have extended significantly our exterior space of diving center, where educational sessions will be held (and not only), thus avoiding congestion inside the dive shop.
  • Only for the time being , we suggest you when you visited our diving center,  to avoid being accompanied by friends or relatives who are not related to your diving activity.
  • Diving Forms will now be completed only electronically. In addition to the standard PADI forms, there will be a new form related to COVID which should be obligatory completed.
  • We have created a new special area that exclusively concerns the disinfection of training / rental
    equipment (regulators, masks, respirators, BCD).
  • Our perennial involvement with Rebreathers has provided us with significant knowledge and experience in the field of diving equipment disinfection, so  today we simply apply what we already know!
  • The disinfectant we use is already tested in diving equipment and is highly recommended by POSEIDON. This product not only covers COVID-19 but a wide range such as HIV, HBV, HGV etc.
  • The equipment that has been disinfected will be stored in a special area, which will be strictly accessible only to our staff.
  • Not only today, but from the beginning of the operation of our diving center, both our compressors and the air warehouses we use, are placed in a safe, protected space, with the introduction of air in an even more isolated place, always aiming at ensuring the quality of our air, thus maintaining high standards of hygiene and safety. They are operated remotely, exclusively by our technician and their maintenance is regular, strict and diligent, thus almost eliminating any possibility of polluted air.
  • For extra security, we equipped the seats of our van with antifungal and antibacterial coating where after each use they will be disinfected.
  • We are regularly informed through WEBINARS of reputable organizations such as DAN, PADI, CRESSI… in order to learn anything new related to COVID-19 as fast as we can. Moreover our staff has already been informed about all necessary changes that PADI has released  about educational system.
  • Procedures and protocols we have established for diving activities will be followed without any deviations.

So this year more than ever WE PUT ON OUR MASKS and go for diving with safety and fun!!!


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