Vasilis Athanasiou

Let me now introduce myself …

my name is Vasilis or  just Bill, for our friends!!!

Vasilis Athanasiou

Vasilis Athanasiou

I was born, in the distant past, like all the others in Athens and since I can remember myself  I used to  watch Cousteau documentaries, read books and watch movies about the sea,  love hearing  marine stories from people who lived in Kalymnos, which is the place of my origin and I strongly believe  that  sea is my destiny!

As all others of my age, I “had to be a scientist,” that’s why I became an engineer, I learned English in order to communicate with other Greeks, worked hard for years in the private sector and always sea was my refugee from everything and everyone that ‘torture’ bittersweet  my everyday life!

Since I was  young  I was  fan of long-term relationships and that’s the reason for which I remained for several years committed to free diving,  which I finally decide to abandon when I got involved with scuba diving. Due  to the fact that my first dives were  at “Mecca” of diving, which is the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, then it was just impossible for me stop diving …

As the years were passing by,  my “relationship” with diving was becoming more “mature” but  for preventing a possible deterioration , I found a new “love” …  the underwater photography and simply stick with it this time! Then diving and photography were combined with  travelling around the world, for example  Egypt, Thailand, Maldives, Malaysia, Borneo, Bali, Komodo islands, Cyprus, Ecuador-Galapagos and Australia, …, and all these became a way of living!!!

Definitely you have often seen my photos  in diving magazine “Greek Diver”,  in famous diving centers and photographic exhibitions that have taken place all over Greece!

…Diving studies


EFR Instructor