Who we are


right4Founders of  Seahorse Dive Center are Bill and Katherine, two people who share for years the same passion for the sea and that is none other than Scuba Diving. Started randomly  both  in the same year( in 1998), at different dive centers and federations.  In 2004 they shared their first dive trip abroad to Egypt  and since then, diving is “their way of living”.

One trip led to another and all together to countless diving experiences in all corners of the globe. Moving always into the realm of recreational diving , they have experienced diving  next to vertical walls, into currents, in plain blue,  with sharks and whales,  with schools of fish, in wrecks and caves and they have very much enjoyed muck diving and underwater photography  with open or semi-closed circuit, day or night, from coast or boat, … !!! The last 5 years, both of them are  freelancers for Greek Diver magazine, with articles, artwork and photographs abundance! In 2011 their “relationship” with recreational diving became more professional!  Two  years later, and “in spite of the times”, they decide to set up their own diving center, their own Seahorse Dive Center!!!

Thus  their dream come true and one thing is for sure … people of Seahorse Dive Center take diving seriously, working responsibly,  giving priority to your safety. The programs they teach are according to the standards of one of the largest diving organizations in the world:  PADI!!! Next on their  list of priorities is your fun in and out of the water, that’s why they will always be there for you, willing to offer any help! At Seahorse Dive Center , you come as Customers  and you go as Friends!