Terms and Conditions

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The following terms of use apply to all content and what is generally included in the pages of our website. The Seahorse Dive Center may at any time modify the terms and conditions of use, and users / visitors must always check for possible changes and if they continue to use it is assumed that they accept the modified terms and conditions. Otherwise they must refrain from using / visiting our website.

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All bookings with Seahorse Dive Center are subject to the terms and conditions described below.

Reservation Policy:

You agree to dive safely and responsibly, at all times.

To confirm your booking at Seahorse Dive Center, a deposit of 50% of the total cost or payment of the total amount is required. Sending an email or making a phone call does not confirm your booking.

The available payment methods are:

a) deposit in a bank account

b) booking via viva wallet (bank transfer)

c) retail store with cash or credit card.

The Seahorse Dive Center reserves the right to cancel your booking if you have given incorrect diver information (eg wrong certification level, incorrectly logged dives, etc.).

Cancellation due to Weather Conditions:

Diving/Snorkeling trips and certification courses may be canceled or rescheduled due to the weather conditions that are not suitable for marine activities, such as high waves and strong winds. Dive sites are picked daily based on weather and ocean conditions, your safety and the safety of our staff is paramount in Seahorse Dive Center. 

In case of cancellation of diving due to weather conditions, the Seahorse Dive Center has no responsibility for any debt owed. In that case the dives can be rescheduled on a date appropriate for the diving school and the client.

Fun Dives by Boat or Shore:

Our captain make the last decision about the selection of the dive sites and/or cancellation of the diving trips. In making decisions, we regard yours and our own safety as the most important. As dive sites are very variable due to weather we can not guarantee a particular site. If your requested dive site is unavailable due to weather we will do our best to find a suitable alternative for you. A change in dive site does not qualify for a refund. Dive sites are picked daily based on weather and ocean conditions, your safety and the safety of our staff is paramount in Seahorse Dive Center. 

Cancellation due to mechanical reasons that the boat does not leave port – full refund of all deposits/payments for diving. Decisions on weather conditions and safety of the boat are at the sole discretion of the captain.

Cancellation Refund Policy for Fun Dives:

Your bookings are seen as a contract with us. When you scheduled a dive we make sure that we have the personnel available to teach your course and reserve seats on a boat that can not be sold to someone else.  As people need to be paid and boat seats need to be paid for refunds can not be given for late cancellations. Depending on when you make the cancellation, the following cancellation fee will apply for fun dives. 

8 days or more advance notice

100% refund for all diving booked

3-7 days or more advance notice

80% refund of all diving booked

48 hours or more advance notice

50% refund of all diving booked

24 hours or less before the scheduled dive *

0% refund of all diving booked

  • Cancellations received the same day to the departure of the activity booked, or make a no show will incur in a cancellation fee of 100% of full activity booked cost.

Cancellation of Multiple Dives:

If you already paid for multiple dives for one day or more days (2 dives, 4 dives etc) and decided to do less dives (at the dive site), you do not get refund. There is no refund for unused portions of a package or canceling part of a package once it has already started. (Dives/classes canceled due to the boat not going out, weather conditions or mechanical failure are subject to refunds)

Certification Courses and Training Dives:

Students accepted to Seahorse Dive Center by enrolling and completing the medical and legal statements and together with the payment of registration fees. Registration is done automatically with the payment of 50% of the agreed fees apply to all bookings. Upon completion of registration, the students gets the manual for the beginning of diving lessons and the monitoring program. In case of withdrawal of the student’s decision to attend the diving school Seahorse Dive Center, the amount is not refundable.

The remaining amount corresponding to the total amount of the course, must be paid in the beginning of the open water training dives. Ιf the payments are not pre-empting, Seahorse Dive Center will not allow to the student’s further attendance and certification.

Seahorse Dive Center does not refund student’s course, if he/she decided to drop out from the certification course after it has started.  Dropping the course before it starts is subject to the above listed refund policy. Tuition payments are not refundable but may be credited against a future booking, duration 1 year from the starting date of the student’s diving course.

In case of cancellation of courses due to weather or strikes, the Seahorse Dive Center accepts no responsibility debt money. In that case, the courses can be re-programmed at a convenient date for the diving school and the students.

If the students fails to attend in the diving lessons, no refund is not given from Seahorse Dive Center and no later date is not offered in replacement of lost hours or days.

Policy of Failure Certification:

We do not refund your course fee if you decided to drop out from your certification course after it has started.  Dropping the course before it starts is subject to the above listed refund policy.  When paying for a course you do not pay for certification, you pay for training- you must meet the requirements for your particular course to earn certification.  It is possible to fail a course: failure does not qualify you for a refund.

Your instructor will determine if you can get certified or not, judging how you are meeting the requirements for your particular course (skill demonstration, comfort level in the water, and total dive skills) and your score on written examination and quizzes.

If you do not follow your instructors’ directions, or if you cannot successfully demonstrate the skills that meet the requirement, you may not get certified.  If you disagree with your instructor’s evaluation of your diving skills you can request a reevaluation another instructor.  All students who do not earn certification in a course will be provided with a written explanation of why they were not certified. In case that a student fails in a course, the Seahorse Dive Center has no responsibility for any debt owed.

Rental Gear Loss or Damage:

Rented gear for class and dives is the responsibility of the client. The client will be charged for loss or damage of rental gear.