PADI Seal Team

Padi Seal Team is for young scuba divers!

Scuba diving lessons for kids.

PADI Seal Team program teaches basic scuba diving skills, such as breathing underwater, clearing a mask of water and recovering a regulator.

For your little explorers who are already 8 years old and look for extraordinary action and fun, PADI Seal Team (5 aqua missions) and PADI Master Seal Team ( plus 10 aqua missions) in pool will take off their imagination and give them unprecedented moments of joy and pleasure.

Through safe and sound diving procedures and under PADI Instructors direct supervision, in pool environment only, kids apart from meet friends and having fun, they develop skills, learn a lot about the aquatic environment, cooperate as a team and share the adventure!!!


Scuba diving requires a minimum level of health and fitness. Chronic health conditions, certain medications and/or recent surgery may require you to get written approval from a physician before diving.

Avoid disappointment, download and review the Diver Medical form to ensure you won’t need a physician’s approval to dive before enrolling in a scuba course. Instructors, divemasters and dive shop staff are not physicians and should not be asked for medical advice. Only medical professionals can give medical clearance to dive.